Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department
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Reva Pharma produces about 125 medicinal preparations, and it includes a variety of dosage forms and covers most of the therapeutic classes.

Reva Pharma contains the following production lines:

  • Tablets and Film Coated Tablets Production Line.
  • Oral Suspensions and Syrups Production Line.
  • Oral Penicillin’s Production Line.
  • Oral Cephalosporins Production Line.
  • Suppositories (Semi-Solid Medications) Production Line
  • Nasal Drops production line

Our pharmaceutical products are characterized by their effectiveness and high quality, which gives them an advanced position in the local and international markets.

Obtaining high quality products is one of our top priorities in Reva Pharma. Therefore, Reva Pharma was established in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practices, as Reva Pharma contains special sections for the manufacture of penicillin and cephalosporin preparations in all pharmaceutical forms such as tablets, capsules and dry syrup.

At Reva Pharma, we not only apply the rules of good manufacturing practices and follow the guidelines of international and local organization, but we also apply a policy of continuous quality improvement and its tools from data analysis as well as following the scientific approach to quality.

At Reva Pharma, we are concerned with the factors related to good manufacturing related to people, manufacturing tools, raw materials, methods of analysis and environmental conditions through:

  1. Human resources development through training courses, by experts in various fields of drug manufacturing and control.
  2. Paying attention to the provision of high-quality raw materials and production requirements from certified suppliers and ensuring that they obtain the GMP quality certificate.
  3. Using of new technologies and techniques in the analysis of pharmaceutical materials in the Quality Control Department.
  4. The company's products are produced in safe environmental conditions for workers and products, where production is carried out in clean with complete control over humidity, temperature, pressure difference and air speed.

Quality Control Department is comprised of 4 units:

Product/Raw Material Control Laboratory.

Physical/Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

Microbiology Laboratory.

Validation and Stability.

All of the quality control activities are conducted with state-of-the-art equipment meeting all the requirements of cGLP. All of the generated data are stored with the warranty of recovery. 

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